Cooperative Bylaws

as amended April 22, 2016

  • Article I: Membership
  • Article II: Membership Suspension and Termination and Repayment of Fees, Dividends and Claims
  • Article III: Meeting
  • Article IV: Directors and District Map
  • Article V: Meetings of Directors
  • Article VI: Officers: Miscellaneous
  • Article VII: Contracts, Checks and Deposits
  • Article VIII: Membership Certificates
  • Article IX: Non-Profit Operation
  • Article X: Waiver of Notice
  • Article XI: Disposition and Pledging of Property: Distribution of Surplus Assets on Dissolution
  • Article XII: Fiscal Year
  • Article XIII: Rules of Order
  • Article XIV: Seal
  • Article XV: Amendments and Statement of Nondiscrimination

Bylaws of South Plains Electric Cooperative, Inc. 474KB .pdf