All Saints Episcopal School adds to their music room

September 13, 2016

Candace Cameron, music teacher at All Saints Episcopal School, requested a grant to fund a bass metallophone for her music classroom. Here is her story:

Thank you once again for the generous grant to help us complete our instrumentarium in our music room at All Saints Episcopal School.

I used the $500 to buy one of our biggest instruments, the bass metallophone, which is vital to keeping a solid steady beat to accompany singing.  At All Saints, we use the Orff-Schulwerk method of music learning.  Orff-Schulwerk was created by Carl Orff where students learn basic skills of music through active play.  An integral part of the program is the unique instruments which all have removable bars so that all children can be successful.  

At my school, I teach children from all over the world, and I hope for all of them to be able to experience their cultures through the medium of folk songs from their native lands.  The folk songs are very adaptable to the Orff-Schulwerk method and the Orff instruments allow each child to actively participate in the music-learning process.

I came to All Saints two years ago, and we started with four glockenspiels, which are the smallest instruments in the ensemble, but through the generous donations from our All Saints parent group and South Plains Electric Cooperative, we now have a complete set of Orff instruments.  

The Orff-Schulwerk  method is based on children’s literature, American folk songs, singing games, rhythm activities and multi-cultural folk movement.  We will now be able to actively participate in the process of active music making for many years to come.