Frenship Middle School Earns Operation Round Up Grant

November 14, 2016

Rachael Hendrix is a science teacher at Frenship Middle School. Her grant request was for funds to purchase Little Bit Kits for the Curiosity Room in the library. This room encourages students to experiment with science during their free time. Here is her story:

At Frenship Middle School, we believe that every moment a student spends in our building needs to help grow their minds and curiosity. This past school year we implemented a Curiosity Room, as an extension of our library, to allow students a place to get their hands on some fun items. One of the items we added to the curiosity room is littleBit Electronic kits, purchased with money from South Plains Electric Cooperative Operation Round Up Mini-Grant. These magnetic circuit kits allow students to build circuits that power many things such as fans, alarms, and mini light bulbs. Students are able to see how electricity and circuits work with no extra supplies or skills needed. Basically, they are building circuits like you would build a Lego tower.

It has been neat to watch students, who may not otherwise be interested in science, get their hands on the littleBit Electronic kits, and proudly create something. We have had many students beg to let us keep their creation in tact so they can come back and work on it later. The purchase of these kits has allowed us to build students’ knowledge of science more effectively than a textbook or worksheet would be able to.  I have had several students come to me, wanting to show me what they have made, discuss their findings or ask questions about electricity and circuits. The hands on experiences we are providing through the littleBit kits is so valuable.

We would like to thank the South Plains Electric Cooperative for making the purchase of the littleBit kits possible for our students. They will be enjoyed for many years to come, and we can’t wait to add more sets to our collection.