Milestones for a New Year

December 30, 2016

As we tidy up loose ends for 2016 and prepare for 2017, we are excited about the milestones South Plains Electric Cooperative has reached. The Co-op Connections Card has helped our members save over $1 million on prescription drugs. We are ready to proudly celebrate the Cooperative's 80 years of member service. And in an effort to continue our success, we will be asking members to participate in a quick member survey starting in February.

Co-op membership has benefits, and the Co-op Connections Card plays a big part. Members receive the Co-op Connections Card when they become a member of the Cooperative by taking our electric service. The card represents your membership/ownership in the Cooperative, but also delivers savings on prescription drugs, dental and vision services and savings at over 400 local businesses. Members have enjoyed this benefit since 1997 and have saved over $1 million on prescription drugs, helping to stretch monthly incomes for members. Co-op Connections helps members without medical/prescription insurance, but members with insurance still find savings with the card. Sometimes a medical plan doesn't cover certain drugs or the Co-op Connections Card, discounted price is lower. Your local pharmacist can quote you prices on your insurance and with the discount card, and then you can choose which plan to use. If you need another Co-op Connections Card, you can call or stop by your local office or use the contact form on the website to make your request.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 80 years since South Plains Electric Cooperative connected the first service for the construction workers building Lubbock-Cooper schools. The Cooperative has been on a fantastic journey ever since then because of our commitment to member service. We’re not your typical electric company, we’re a local not-for-profit electric cooperative. We don’t have customers; we have members. People aren’t just our number one priority; they’re the reason we’re here. Our commitment to member service is the reason for our success. We have grown to over 53,000 meters, are proud to be part of Lubbock’s growth and are proud to be a strong supporter of our smaller communities. The key to successful member service is having a group of employees with a heart for service. Without our committed workforce, the promise of superior member service wouldn’t be fulfilled. We will be highlighting many of our employees in 2017, so look for them on bill stuffers, in ads and in the magazine. The features might help you put a face with the familiar voice that has helped you over the phone or a name to a lineman who worked on your service.

And, finally, the key to our continued success is to know exactly what our members think about their Cooperative and how we might be able to improve the service we offer. Even in today’s world of technology, the best way to gather this information is to have a personal conversation with a member. Phone surveys are hard with so many telemarketers calling your home or cell phones, even though you are on the do-not-call lists or have just asked them to stop. We want to give you as much detail as possible about the survey ahead of time so you’ll be ready to answer our call. We have contracted with the marketing arm of our national association to implement the survey. Staying within our cooperative network protects your information. The name of the marketing firm is NRECA Market Research. A live person will make each call. They are professionals and will treat you with respect. If you get a call from a number you don’t recognize and want to verify if it is our survey people, just dial the number back. You will get a recording verifying that the person calling from that number is calling for our survey. If you should happen to receive a call from that number again, your cooperation in completing our quick survey will be much appreciated. The calls are made on a random basis, so that’s why you may or may not get another call if you miss the first one.

The survey is your chance to provide confidential feedback to South Plains Electric Cooperative’s locally-elected board of directors and the management team about your Cooperative and the services we provide. We are committed to another 80 years of superior member service and safe and reliable electric service at the lowest cost possible. Happy New Year!