School Days in Co-op Country

July 20, 2016

August is Back-to-School Safety Month. For parents, back-to-school time across Texas is a bittersweet reminder of the passage of time as we watch our children grow and become increasingly independent. It’s also a time when we think about their safety.

At South Plains Electric Cooperative, we share that concern. That’s why we are looking out for the safety of our children. With the beginning of every school year, our lineworkers keep an eye out for students on their way to and from school. Sometimes it means helping a broken-down school bus. Other times it means using our mobile communication systems to report a traffic problem or a suspicious occurrence in a neighborhood. It always means being there to lend a hand, whatever the problem.

Being committed to the communities we serve means much more than just making sure your electric service is reliable. 

Even in these days when electric utilities face competition that’s getting tougher every day, going the extra mile in member and community service is standard operating procedure for your electric Cooperative. It has to be that way because electric cooperatives are unique. Every day, we hear reports of other utility companies closing their local offices and moving out of town to save money. When that happens, their customers have to do business long distance, frequently talking to people hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away. 

South Plains Electric Co-op is different. Our first obligation is to our members. You can still stop by the local office and talk to someone you know about any part of your service. When you call us, you’ll speak to someone close by who knows the community and what’s happening in it. Being a local electric cooperative means doing business close to home.

Because our members are also our owners, your Cooperative gives first consideration to what’s in the members’ best interest. At first glance, it may seem that there is little connection between school kids waiting for their bus and the line crew in the Co-op truck. But look again. Members of the line crew might have kids waiting for the school bus alongside your kids. Making sure all our children stay safe is part of what holds local communities together. It’s part of the work we take pride in every day.