Thank a Lineman April 11

March 17, 2016

America’s electric cooperatives designated the second Monday of April as National Lineman Appreciation Day. The resolution, adopted unanimously by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Board of Directors, says this about linemen and the proper recognition of their contributions:

“Whereas, linemen leave their families and put their lives on the line every day to keep the power on; Whereas, linemen work 365 days a year under dangerous conditions to build, maintain and repair the electric infrastructure; Whereas, linemen are the first responders of the electric cooperative family, getting power back on and making things safe for all after storms and accidents; and Whereas, there would be no electric cooperatives without the brave men and women who comprise our corps of linemen; Therefore, be it resolved that NRECA recognize the second Monday of April of each year as National Lineman Appreciation Day and make available to electric cooperatives, materials and support to recognize the contributions of these valuable men and women to America’s Electric Cooperatives.”

On April 11 this year, South Plains Electric Cooperative will honor the dedicated people who work in challenging conditions to keep the lights on. We proudly recognize all electric linemen for the services they perform around the clock in dangerous circumstances to keep power flowing and protect the public’s safety.

Your co-op’s linemen maintain almost 10,000 miles of line in our service territory. 

Our lineworkers are the first responders of our electric distribution system, and they work around the clock on high-voltage lines. Conditions can be dangerous, but they power through to ensure reliable service for our members.

To honor these brave folks, South Plains EC plans to deliver fresh-baked cookies decorated with a lineman silhouette and “THANKS!” in big letters. The cookies will be a nice treat in the morning before they head out for a busy day. We are also featuring our linemen and training program in a special two-part article with the first part starting on page 22 of this issue. Part two will be published next month. We invite all our members to take a moment and thank linemen for the work they do. If you see a lineman at the grocery store or a local ball game, shake his hand and let him know you appreciate his work. If you post on social media, use #thankalineman to show your support for the heroes who light our lives.