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Minimum of $20K in Scholarships Available to Local Students

Do you want to go to college?
Every year we award scholarships to aspiring young men and women to help make their college dreams a reality.

Are you a member of South Plains Electric Cooperative?
If you’re a graduating high school senior attending a qualifying school and are a member or a spouse, child or stepchild of a mem­ber, or child whose legal guardian is a member, you’re eligible for one of our $1,000 scholarships!

Operation Round Up Scholarship application deadline is February 3 at 5 p.m.

A Fresh Start

coffee mug

There’s a certain poetry to opening a pristine calendar each January. The clean slate, absent scribbled-in appointments and obligations, encourages reflection and a bit of personal accounting. Rather than lack, the calendar’s empty grid represents promise—the potential for a fresh start in a new year.

Give the Gift of Time

Many of us have that one family member­­—or maybe even a few—who, when asked what items are on his or her Christmas wish list, invariably answers, “I have everything I need.” This well-intentioned reply can frustrate a desire to cross a name off your list or check a box during the frenzied run up to the holiday. But it’s also an opportunity to present a loved one with a more meaningful gift.

The “Official Tamale of Texas”


While tamales are traditionally saved for special occasions, Pete Hale, founder of Pedro’s Tamales, believed that food that good should be served year round.

Since he was not able to find good tamales in the Lubbock area, beginning in 1977, he and his wife Sally began making tamales and sold them in the auto parts store they owned. Business grew so much that in 1981, the Hales officially opened Pedro’s Tamales for business.