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The “Official Tamale of Texas”


While tamales are traditionally saved for special occasions, Pete Hale, founder of Pedro’s Tamales, believed that food that good should be served year round.

Since he was not able to find good tamales in the Lubbock area, beginning in 1977, he and his wife Sally began making tamales and sold them in the auto parts store they owned. Business grew so much that in 1981, the Hales officially opened Pedro’s Tamales for business.

We’re Thankful for You

With Thanksgiving just around corner, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your membership and support of South Plains Electric Cooperative. And this is no offhand or perfunctory thanks. Because of your connection to South Plains Electric, we are able to make our community a better place. It might sound trite if it weren’t so true.

In the spirit of this month’s holiday, I think it’s important to let our members know just what an impact you have on our Co-op and the greater community, likely in ways you may not even realize.

Your Vote. Your Voice. Your Cooperative.


Like other electric co-ops, South Plains Electric Cooperative is guided by an elected board of directors that represents its members when making important decisions. Being a member of the co-op’s board is an important and highly responsible position in the community, and directors volunteer considerable time and energy to the cause of powering our communities and empowering co-op members to improve the quality of their lives.