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New to Your Electric Cooperative?

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It’s easy for us “old-timers” to forget that sometimes we speak a different language out here in Co-op Country, a language not familiar to many of our newer members. If you’re a new member of South Plains Electric Co-op, you may not even be aware that you’re much more than a mere “customer” until you’ve had a personal interaction with a Co-op employee who works for you.

History Helps Co-ops Stand Strong

Dale Ancell and Jodey Arrignton Staff

This month, I found some insight to share from Co-op Historian Ted Case, who is the executive director of the Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association. His books, Power Plays and Poles, Wires and War, describe the effect electric co-ops have had on national policy since the 1930s. Case recently talked with Paul Wesslund from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association about what the history of electric co-ops means for members.

SPEC Sponsors Local Ag in the Bag Program

Students at Ag in the Bag


“Where does my food come from?” is a question not many urban fourth-graders ask very often. Some might reply with: “the grocery store,” unaware that the hamburger they enjoy at the local burger joint may have come from a steer raised right here in Texas. This generation is further removed from the farm than any generation before, and the importance of educating our children about how their food and clothing get from the field to the store is vital.