65 Years of Supporting 4-H Gold Star Winners
Friday | January 27, 2023

Every year, young adults are honored with 4-H Gold Star Awards. South Plains Electric, along with other area electric cooperatives, has had the honor of recognizing these young adults for 65 years. Many of our leaders have deep roots in the 4-H program. A total of 26 recipients were recognized this year.

We would also like to recognize area 4-H clubs, parents and leaders for developing leadership, advancing agriculture, improving living standards and enriching family and community life. The dedicated men and women of Texas AgriLife Extension Service, who provide the leadership and training for 4-H clubs, receive our special thanks.

Supporting the 4-H program is part of how South Plains Electric does business. We deliver reliable service at the lowest possible cost, while looking out for our communities.

Gold Star Winners:

Sylee Peterson - Daughter of Paul and Danya Peterson

District 2: Garza County


Hagen Pate - Son of Derrick and Dr. Leigha Pate

District 2: Hale County


Sterling Berry - Son of Shane and Shelley Berry

District 2: Hale County


Aaron Chaloupka - Son of Alicea and Michael Chaloupka

District 2: Lubbock County


David Kendrick - Son of Joe and Samantha Kendrick

District 2: Lubbock County


Ashlynn Messer - Daughter of David and Patti Messer

District 2: Lubbock County


Khaki Bishop - Daughter of Tanya Foerster and Chris Bishop

District 2: Lubbock County


Lynndee Foster - Daughter of Cliff and Shantel Foster

District 3: Dickens County


Distinguished Leaders:

Tom Payton, Garza County; Derrick and Leigha Pate, Hale County ; Quana Everitt, Lubbock County


Salute to Excellence:

Gary and Kristy Henniger, Lubbock County


Leader Legacy:

David Holt, Lubbock County


Commendable Service:

Rita Wilson, Lubbock County