Manos Unidas
Wednesday | September 28, 2022

Operation Round Up Board of Directors created a community grant program to better help local non-profit organizations.

Thanks to contributions made by Cooperative members, Operation Round Up awarded $15,000 in grants to 10 local non-profit organizations.

Manos Unidas West Texas was a recipient of an Operation Round Up Community Grant. Located in Lubbock County, Manos Unidas is a non-profit organization that provides education and arts to underprivileged populations as well as the Hispanic, African American and Veteran communities in hopes of educating and inspiring others to work together.

From the provided grant money, Manos Unidas sponsored four kids to play Little League baseball who without the assistance, would be unable to participate due to its cost. As a result from the opportunity, these children engaged in a transformative activity that blossomed their confidence and enthusiasm.