Wake Up Warriors
Thursday | April 27, 2023

Concern for community is one of the Seven Cooperative Principles South Plains Electric Cooperative follows to bolster their efforts to give back. Operation Round Up and its board of directors created a mini-grant program that supports local teachers and helps fund classroom projects or educational field trips. This program is just one of the many ways SPEC supports the community to enhance the lives of members and their families.

Kellie Victory, a CTE teacher at Southcrest Christian School, was a recipient of a teacher mini-grant. To give the students an opportunity to experience a real-world application that coincides with their classes, the grant money was utilized to purchase the necessary equipment to open a coffee service called Wake Up Warriors.

Students participating in this project put in all the hard work needed to prepare for their campus coffee service including researching suppliers, designing their own menus, managing inventory, handling all transactions and facilitating all the marketing and servicing. This project will greatly help students understand the concepts and strategies that will help them succeed in their college and career readiness course.